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add rasmol-8bit package from unstable

--- NEW FILE: rasmol-8bit.info ---
Package: rasmol-8bit
Version: 2.7.5
Revision: 2
BuildDepends: x11-dev, xmkmf (>= 1.0.2-3), fink (>= 0.24.12)
Depends: x11, wget
Conflicts: rasmol
Replaces: rasmol
License: Restrictive
Source: http://www.bernstein-plus-sons.com/software/RasMol_%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 2f43c606775248398dc71ce559b35245
SourceDirectory: rasmol-%v-23Jul09
PatchFile: %n.patch
PatchFile-MD5: 0b4d9de5d57fb1095aac1030488db221
PatchScript: <<
 sed 's|@PREFIX@|%p|g' < %{PatchFile} > rasmol.patch
 patch -p1 <rasmol.patch
CompileScript: <<
#!/bin/sh -ev
 export PATH=%p/lib/xmkmf/bin:$PATH 
 export IMAKEINCLUDE=-I%p/lib/X11/config
 cd src
 perl -pi.bak -e 's|/usr/bin/cc|gcc|g' Makefile
 make rasmol
InstallScript: <<
#!/bin/sh -ev
 export PATH=%p/lib/xmkmf/bin:$PATH 
 export IMAKEINCLUDE=-I%p/lib/X11/config
 mkdir -p %i/share/man/man1
 gunzip --force doc/*.gz
 cp doc/rasmol.1 %i/share/man/man1
 mkdir -p %i/bin
 cp src/rasmol %i/bin
 mkdir -p %i/lib/rasmol
 cp doc/rasmol.hlp %i/lib/rasmol
 cp -r data  %i/lib/rasmol
DocFiles:README.html INSTALL NOTICE doc/manualA4.pdf doc/manualUS.pdf 
doc/refcardA4.pdf doc/refcardUS.pdf 
Description: Molecular graphics visualisation tool
DescDetail: <<
 RasMol is a molecular graphics program  intended  for  the
 visualisation  of  proteins,  nucleic  acids  and  small
 molecules.  The program is aimed at display, teaching  and
 generation of publication quality images.
DescUsage: <<
 Sample input files are available in the fink lib/rasmol/data
directory. The manual is in the fink share/doc/rasmol directory.
Maintainer: Jack Howarth <howa...@bromo.med.uc.edu>
Homepage: http://www.OpenRasMol.org/

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