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In directory fdv4jf1.ch3.sourceforge.com:/tmp/cvs-serv11215

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        base-files-1.9.10.cvs-20091009.2207.tar.bz2 base-files.info 
Log Message:
let others play along

--- NEW FILE: base-files.info ---
Package: base-files
Version: 1.9.10.cvs
Revision: 20091009.2207
Source: %n-%v-%r.tar.bz2
Essential: yes
Source-MD5: 9eda56eaa9b0f78de900f157d6f03581
CompileScript: ./setup.sh %p
InstallScript: ./install.sh %i
PostInstScript: <<
# install info dir file
if [ ! -f %p/share/info/dir ]; then
  cp %p/share/base-files/dir-base %p/share/info/dir
  chmod 644 %p/share/info/dir
Description: Directory infrastructure
DescDetail: <<
The base-files package contains the basic directory infrastructure for
a Fink installation. It makes sure the usual directories are present
and have the right permissions.
License: GPL
Maintainer: Fink Core Group <fink-c...@lists.sourceforge.net>
NoSourceDirectory: true

--- NEW FILE: base-files-1.9.10.cvs-20091009.2207.tar.bz2 ---
(This appears to be a binary file; contents omitted.)

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