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          official binary distribution are down, and the rsync servers are 
          Whilst we sort this out, you may:</p>
-               <li>Use <link
+               <li>(Web site) Use <link
url="http://fink.thetis.ig42.org";>http://fink.thetis.ig42.org</link> if
-               you need Web site information;</li>
-               <li>Use CVS as your selfupdate method in case you need updated
-               packages. It's slower than rsync but it's working right now 
because CVS
-               is hosted at SourceForge.net. You may switch back to rsync 
later. In
-               order to switch to CVS, run <code>fink selfupdate-cvs</code> 
-               <li>Edit <code>/sw/etc/fink.conf</code> and replace 
-               http://bindist.finkmirrors.net/bindist</code> with 
+               you need Web site information</li>
+               <li>(selfupdate) If you use rsync as your selfupdate method 
then edit
+               <code>/sw/etc/fink.conf</code> and replace the line that starts 
+               <code>Mirror-rsync</code> with <code>Mirror-rsync:
+               rsync://fink.gecko.ig42.org/finkinfo/</code></li>
+               <li>(source files) Edit <code>/sw/etc/fink.conf</code> and 
replace the
+               line that starts with <code>Mirror-master</code> with
+               <code>Mirror-master: http://fink-dist.gecko.ig42.org</code></li>
+               <li>(bindist) Edit <code>/sw/etc/fink.conf</code> and replace 
+               starts with <code>Mirror-apt:</code> with <code>Mirror-apt:
-               <li>Edit <code>/sw/etc/apt/sources.list</code> and replace
+               <li>(bindist) Edit <code>/sw/etc/apt/sources.list</code> and 
                <code>http://bindist.finkmirrors.net/bindist</code> with
                <li>Run <code>fink scanpackages</code>.</li>
-               <li>When installing packages, if you get a download failure, try
-               electing to download from the original source, typically option 
-               In packages with a single source this will say: <em>Retry using
-               original source URL</em> whereas for those which can be 
downloaded from
-               multiple mirrors you'll see: <em>Retry using next mirror set
-               "MIRRORSETNAME"</em>.  Unfortunately, some package versions 
-               available from the original sources anymore, and for those you 
-               have to wait for the mirrors to come back online, or ask on one 
of the
-               Fink lists if somebody has the tarball available on their 
       <p>We apologise for the inconvenience.</p>

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