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       and APPLE-SA-2010-10-20-2 Java for Mac OS X 10.5 Update 8 )
       change the Java file configuration in such a manner that 
       no longer generates the <code>system-java16-dev</code> package on 10.5 
-      all of the <code>system-java-dev<code> packages on 10.6.</p>
+      all of the <code>system-java-dev</code> packages on 10.6.</p>
       <p>Users may wish to hold off on applying this update until
       a version of <filename>fink</filename> which addresses this issue is 
       <p>You will want to download an appropriate version of the Java 
Developer Package
-      from <link url="http://www.connect.apple.com/"; The Apple Developer 
Connection site</link>.</p>
+      from <link url="http://www.connect.apple.com/";>The Apple Developer 
Connection site</link>.</p>

Nokia and AT&T present the 2010 Calling All Innovators-North America contest
Create new apps & games for the Nokia N8 for consumers in  U.S. and Canada
$10 million total in prizes - $4M cash, 500 devices, nearly $6M in marketing
Develop with Nokia Qt SDK, Web Runtime, or Java and Publish to Ovi Store 
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