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Update method to fix apt-get repository.

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         <p>You probably pointed apt at a Debian mirror, which of course
-        doesn't have the Fink files. You can fix this manually or through
-        dselect. To fix it manually, edit the file
-        <code>/sw/etc/apt/sources.list</code> in a text editor as root. Remove
-        lines that mention debian.org and replace them with these:</p>
-        <codeblock>deb http://us.dl.sourceforge.net/fink/direct_download 
release main crypto
-deb http://us.dl.sourceforge.net/fink/direct_download current main 
-        <p>(Or if you live in Europe, you can use
-        <code>eu.dl.sourceforge.net</code> instead of
-        <code>us.dl.sourceforge.net</code>)</p>
-        <p>To fix it through dselect, run "[A]ccess" again, choose the "apt"
-        method and enter the following info:</p>
-        <p>URL: http://us.dl.sourceforge.net/fink/direct_download -
-        Distribution: release - Components: main crypto</p>
-        <p>Then, say you want to add another source and repeat the process
-        with "current" instead of "release".</p>
-        <p>A fixed version of the apt package (which provides the
-        configuration script as a plug-in for dselect) is making it's way
-        through CVS now.</p>
+        doesn't have the Fink files. Use</p>
+       <codeblock>fink configure</codeblock>
+       <p>from a terminal window, go through all of the options to the mirror
+       selection step, and then pick an <em>apt-get repository</em> mirror
+       other than the default (which is your current setting).  Then go through
+       the rest of the options so that your change will be saved.</p>
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