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--- NEW FILE: cc65.info ---
Package: cc65
Version: 2.13.2
Revision: 2
Description: C compiler for 6502 computers
License: Restrictive/Distributable
Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <dan...@daniel-johnson.org>
Homepage: http://www.cc65.org/
DescDetail: <<
        cc65 is a complete cross development package for 65(C)02 systems,
        including a powerful macro assembler, a C compiler, linker, librarian
        and several other tools. It is based on a C compiler that was
        originally adapted for the Atari 8bit computers by John R. Dunning. The
        original C compiler is a Small C descendant but has several extensions,
        and some of the limits of the original Small C compiler are gone. The
        original copyright allows free redistribution including sources, even
        if it would not qualify as Open Source Software according to the Open
        Source Definition.
        Supported targets are: Commodore C64, GEOS operating system for the
        Commodore C64, Commodore C128, Commodore C16, C116 and Plus/4,
        Commodore P500, Commodore 600/700 family of computers, Apple ][, Atari
        8bit machines, Oric Atmos, Nintendo Entertainment System (NES),
        Supervision Game Console, Atari Lynx Console
DescPackaging: <<
        License is in newvers.txt. Most of the package is BSD-licensed, but
        a few old parts forbid selling it, hence Restrictive.

Provides: cc65-c64

Source: ftp://ftp.musoftware.de/pub/uz/%n/%n-sources-%v.tar.bz2
Source-MD5: cbf9e25db21002371222ae025a6a1850
SourceDirectory: %n-%v

NoSetLDFLAGS: true

CompileScript: make -f make/gcc.mak prefix=%p

InstallScript: mkdir -p %i/bin ; make -f make/gcc.mak install prefix=%i

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