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--- NEW FILE: neon27.info ---
Package: neon27
Version: 0.29.6
Revision: 2
Description: HTTP/WebDAV client library with a C API
License: LGPL
Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <dan...@daniel-johnson.org>

# Dependencies:
Depends: %N-shlibs (= %v-%r), pkgconfig (>= 0.20-1)
BuildDepends: libxml2 (>= 2.6.30-1), system-openssl-dev, libiconv-dev (>= 
1.12-3), libgettext8-dev, libproxy1
Conflicts: neon-ssl, neon, neon19, neon19-ssl, neon21, neon21-ssl, neon22, 
neon22-ssl, neon23, neon23-ssl, neon24, neon24-ssl, neon25, neon26, neon27
Replaces: neon-ssl, neon, neon19, neon19-ssl, neon21, neon21-ssl, neon22, 
neon22-ssl, neon23, neon23-ssl, neon24, neon24-ssl, neon25, neon26, neon27
BuildDependsOnly: True

# Unpack Phase:
Source: http://www.webdav.org/neon/neon-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 591e0c82e6979e7e615211b386b8f6bc

# Patch Phase:
PatchScript: <<
  perl -pi -e 's/neon.mo/%n.mo/' Makefile.in
  perl -pi -e 's/(bindtextdomain\()"neon"/\1"%n"/' src/ne_i18n.c
  perl -pi -e 's/\@NEON_LIBS\@|\@user_LDFLAGS\@//g' neon-config.in
  # Why do people think you still need -flat_namespace?
  perl -pi -e 's/\$LDFLAGS -flat_namespace/$LDFLAGS/' configure
  # -no-install does nothing on darwin but give warnings.
  perl -pi -e 's/-no-install//g' configure
  # Tests need Gnu 'date'
  #perl -pi -e 's/date -d/gdate -d/' test/makekeys.sh

# Compile Phase:
ConfigureParams: --with-libxml2 --with-ssl=openssl --without-egd 
--enable-shared --disable-static 
--with-ca-bundle=%p/etc/ssl/certs/ca-bundle.crt --without-pakchois

UseMaxBuildJobs: true

CompileScript: <<
        #!/bin/bash -ev
        # This bit enables stripping unused libs on 10.5 and later.
        let version=`uname -r | cut -f 1 -d .`
        if [ $version -ge 9 ]; then
                export LDFLAGS="$LDFLAGS -Wl,-dead_strip_dylibs"

# Tests have a few failures, mostly reverse address lookups and prebinding.
# It seems to be caused by network configuration issues.
# Test suite is all screwed up now. I've given up trying to make it work.
#InfoTest: <<
#       TestDepends: coreutils
#       TestScript: make check || exit 1

# Install Phase:
InstallScript: <<
        make install DESTDIR=%d docdir='$(datadir)/doc/%n'
        #No need for dependency_libs in .la files if not building static libs
        perl -pi -e "s/dependency_libs=.*$/dependency_libs=''/" %i/lib/*.la

SplitOff: <<
  Package: %N-shlibs
  Depends: libxml2-shlibs (>= 2.6.30-1), libiconv (>= 1.12-3), 
libgettext8-shlibs, ca-bundle, libproxy1-shlibs
  Files: lib/libneon.27.dylib share/locale
  Shlibs: %p/lib/libneon.27.dylib 30.0.0 %n (>= 0.29.0-1)

# Additionale Information:
DescDetail: <<
Current features:

 - High-level interface to HTTP and WebDAV methods (PUT, GET, HEAD etc)
 - Low-level interface to HTTP request handling, to allow implementing
   new methods easily.
 - persistent connections
 - RFC2617 basic and digest authentication (including auth-int, md5-sess)
 - Proxy support (including basic/digest authentication)
 - SSL/TLS support using OpenSSL (including client certificate support)
 - Generic WebDAV 207 XML response handling mechanism
 - XML parsing using the expat or libxml parsers
 - Easy generation of error messages from 207 error responses
 - WebDAV resource manipulation: MOVE, COPY, DELETE, MKCOL.
 - WebDAV metadata support: set and remove properties, query any set of
   properties (PROPPATCH/PROPFIND).
 - autoconf macros supplied for easily embedding neon directly inside an
   application source tree.

neon is licensed under the GNU LGPL; see COPYING.LIB for full details.

Please note that the neon API is not yet stable, and is subject to 
major changes
Homepage: http://www.webdav.org/neon/

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