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new upstream libexif and mediatomb, and move a few things to 10.7

--- NEW FILE: kde4-buildenv.info ---
Package: kde4-buildenv
Version: 4.6.0
Revision: 1
Description: Scripts for simplifying KDE4 builds
License: BSD
Maintainer: Benjamin Reed <kde4-build...@fink.raccoonfink.com>

Depends: <<
        cmake (>= 2.8.2-1),
        fink (>= 0.30.0-1)

CustomMirror: <<
        Primary: http://ranger.users.finkproject.org/distfiles
        eur-NL: http://ranger.users.finkproject.org/distfiles
        nam-US: http://ranger.befunk.com/fink
        nam-US: http://astrange.ithinksw.net/~astrange/ranger-fink
        nam-CA: http://www.southofheaven.net/befunk
NoSourceDirectory: true
Source: mirror:custom:%n/%n-%v-%r.sh
Source-MD5: 4174ff7789bff10ec39ffba6724f2a49
Source2: mirror:custom:%n/normalize-filenames-4.2.3-1.sh
Source2-MD5: aa5d58694004df09f486abc9907f7e0a

UseMaxBuildJobs: true
CompileScript: echo "none"

InstallScript: <<
#!/bin/sh -ev

        install -d -m 755 %i/sbin
        sed -e 's,@PREFIX@,%p,g' kde4-buildenv*.sh > %i/sbin/%n.sh
        cp normalize-filenames-*.sh %i/sbin/normalize-filenames.sh
        chmod 755 %i/sbin/*.sh

Homepage: http://ranger.befunk.com/fink/%n
DescDetail: <<
When packaging KDE4 software, in your CompileScript, first do:

  . %p/sbin/%n.sh

Then, you run cmake like so:

  mkdir build
  pushd build
    cmake $KDE4_CMAKE_ARGS ..

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