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--- NEW FILE: hgnested-py.info ---
Info2: <<
Package: hgnested-py%type_pkg[python]
Version: 0.4
Revision: 1
Type: python (2.6 2.7)
Description: Mercurial extension for nested repos
DescDetail: <<
        Mercurial extension to work with nested repositories.
        It was inspired by the forest extension by Robin Farine.
        This extension allows to apply common Mercurial commands to all
        the nested repositories at once like pull, push etc. It allows
        also to fetch a complete tree of repositories through ssh or http.
        See hg help hgnested for the complete list of commands.
DescUsage: <<
        Add the line
        hgnested =
        to the [extensions] section of your ~/.hgrc file to enable.
        Use hg help hgnested to check that it is installed correctly and
        get usage information.
Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <dan...@daniel-johnson.org>
License: GPL3
Homepage: http://code.google.com/p/hgnested/

Source: http://hgnested.googlecode.com/files/hgnested-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: b6901fc7a5b87da93fcdda227165f458

Depends: python%type_pkg[python], mercurial-py%type_pkg[python]
BuildDepends: fink (>= 0.24.12), distribute-py%type_pkg[python]

CompileScript: %p/bin/python%type_raw[python] setup.py build

InstallScript: %p/bin/python%type_raw[python] setup.py install --root=%d


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