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Adding SDCC, the Small Device C Compiler

--- NEW FILE: sdcc.info ---
Package: sdcc
Version: 3.0.0
Revision: 1

Source: mirror:sourceforge:sdcc/sdcc/%v/sdcc-src-%v.tar.bz2
Source-MD5: 20fbd49a3421e09fe65577c45524c89e
SourceDirectory: sdcc

ConfigureParams: --disable-pic-port --disable-pic16-port
DocFiles: COPYING doc/README.txt

Description: Small Device C Compiler
DescDetail: <<
SDCC (Small Device C Compiler) is an open source retargettable, optimizing
ANSI - C compiler. The current version targets the Intel 8051, Zilog Z80,
Dallas 80C390, Motorola HC08 and Microchip PIC MCUs.

License: GPL2
Homepage: http://sdcc.sourceforge.net/
Maintainer: Sjors Gielen <f...@sjorsgielen.nl>

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