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--- NEW FILE: cloog-org.info ---
Package: cloog-org
Version: 0.16.2
Revision: 1
BuildDepends: gmp5, fink (>= 0.24.12)
Conflicts: cloog
Replaces: cloog
BuildDependsOnly: True
Depends: %N-shlibs (= %v-%r)
Source: ftp://gcc.gnu.org/pub/gcc/infrastructure/cloog-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 83877caaa879c7160063138bb18348e7
SourceDirectory: cloog-%v
ConfigureParams: --prefix=%p --mandir=%p/share/man --infodir=%p/share/info 
InfoTest: TestScript: make check || :
PatchScript: <<
perl -pi -e 's|="-O1"|="-O3"|g' ./isl/configure
InstallScript: <<
 make install DESTDIR=%d 
SplitOff: <<
  Package: %N-shlibs
  Depends: gmp5-shlibs, libgmpxx5-shlibs
  Files: <<
  Shlibs: <<
    %p/lib/libcloog-isl.1.dylib 2.0.0 %n (>= 0.16.0-0)
    %p/lib/libisl.6.dylib 7.0.0 %n (>= 0.16.2-1)
License: GPL
Description: The Chunky Loop Generator
DescDetail: <<
CLooG is a software which generates loops for scanning Z-polyhedra. 
That is, CLooG finds the code or pseudo-code where each integral 
point of one or more parametrized polyhedron or parametrized 
polyhedra union is reached. CLooG is designed to avoid control 
overhead and to produce a very efficient code. This is the recommended
ISL-based version of CLooG.
DescPackaging: <<
The FSF gcc 4.2.1 compiler requires the optimization to be reduced to
-O1 but this bug is not present in Apple's gcc 4.2.1 compiler so this
change is reverted in the PatchScript.
Homepage: http://www.CLooG.org
Maintainer: Jack Howarth <howa...@bromo.med.uc.edu>

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