Update of /cvsroot/fink/dists/10.4/unstable/main/finkinfo/10.4-EOL/base
In directory vz-cvs-3.sog:/tmp/cvs-serv31823/base

Removed Files:
        bzip2.info bzip2.patch gettext-tools.info 
        libgettext8-shlibs.info libgettext8-shlibs.patch 
        libncursesw5.info ncurses.info passwd.info passwd.patch 
Log Message:
Remove redundant files from 10.4-EOL/unstable

--- passwd.patch DELETED ---

--- ncurses.info DELETED ---

--- passwd.info DELETED ---

--- libgettext8-shlibs.patch DELETED ---

--- libgettext8-shlibs.info DELETED ---

--- bzip2.info DELETED ---

--- gettext-tools.info DELETED ---

--- bzip2.patch DELETED ---

--- libncursesw5.info DELETED ---

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