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--- NEW FILE: gdl.info ---
Package: gdl
Version: 0.9.2
Revision: 1
Epoch: 1
Description: GNU Data Language
License: GPL
Maintainer: Sebastien Maret <bma...@users.sourceforge.net>
Depends: <<
  bzip2-shlibs, fftw3-shlibs (>= 3.1.1-5), freetype219-shlibs,
  gsl-shlibs, hdf5.7,
  lcms-shlibs, libiconv, libjpeg-shlibs, libncurses5-shlibs (>=
  5.4-20041023-1006), libpng3-shlibs, libtiff-shlibs, libxml2-shlibs,
  netcdf-shlibs, ncurses (>= 5.4-20041023-1006),
  libplplot10-shlibs, readline5-shlibs (>= 5.0-1004),
  szip-shlibs, x11-shlibs
BuildDepends: <<
  bzip2-dev, fftw3 (>= 3.1.1-5), fink (>= 0.24.12-1), freetype219,
  gsl, hdf5.7, xlcms,
  libiconv-dev, libjpeg, libncurses5 (>= 5.4-20041023-1006), libpng3,
  libtiff, libtool2, libxml2, libplplot10-dev, netcdf, 
  readline5 (>= 5.0-1004), sed, szip, x11-dev
Source: mirror:sourceforge:gnudatalanguage/gdl-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 7178304e6737a8dca910d2c1061ff63c
PatchScript: <<
  sed -e "s|lib_LIBRARIES|noinst_LIBRARIES|" -i src/antlr/Makefile.am
  sed -e "s|GDLLexer lexer(istr, \"\")|GDLLexer lexer(istr, \"\", 
GDLParser::NONE)|" -i src/widget.cpp
SetLDFLAGS: -L%p/lib/plplot
ConfigureParams: --with-plplotdir=%p --with-ncursesdir=%p --with-readlinedir=%p 
--with-gsldir=%p --with-netcdf=%p --without-hdf --with-hdf5=%p --without-Magick 
--with-fftw=%p --without-python --without-openmp -without-wxWidgets 
--without-pslib --disable-dependency-tracking
CompileScript: <<
  libtoolize -f
  ./configure %c
InstallScript: <<
  make install DESTDIR=%d
RuntimeVars: <<
  GDL_PATH: "+%p/share/gnudatalanguage/lib"
DescDetail: <<
GDL is a free IDL (Interactive Data Language) compatible incremental
compiler. It features a full syntax compatibility with IDL
6.0. Overall more than 330 library routines are implemented.
Homepage: http://gnudatalanguage.sf.net/
DescPackaging: <<
Originally packaged by Jeffrey Whitaker.

All the data continuously generated in your IT infrastructure 
contains a definitive record of customers, application performance, 
security threats, fraudulent activity, and more. Splunk takes this 
data and makes sense of it. IT sense. And common sense.
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