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--- NEW FILE: libmatroska5.info ---
Package: libmatroska5
Version: 1.3.0
Revision: 1
Description: C++ (headers) libary to parse Matroska files
License: LGPL
Homepage: http://dl.matroska.org/downloads/libmatroska/
Maintainer: David Fang <fang...@users.sourceforge.net>
Conflicts: libmatroska
Replaces: libmatroska

BuildDependsOnly: True

GCC: 4.0

Source: http://dl.matroska.org/downloads/libmatroska/libmatroska-%v.tar.bz2
Source-MD5: f4a8c411f09d39c754eb726efd616043

BuildDepends: <<
Depends: <<

NoSetLDFLAGS: true
PatchScript: <<
  #!/bin/sh -ev
  sed -i.orig -e 's|\.so\.5|.5.dylib|g' -e 's|\.so|.dylib|g' \
        -e 's|-shared|-dynamiclib -compatibility_version 6 -current_version 
6.0|' \
        -e 's|-fPIC|& -fno-common|g' \
        -e 's|-Wl,-soname,|-install_name $(prefix)/lib/|' \
        -e '/^LIBEBML_INCLUDE_DIR=/s|=.*|=%p/include|' \
        -e '/^LIBEBML_LIB_DIR=/s|=.*|=%p/lib|' \
        -e '/LIBRARY_SO_VER/s|-lebml|$(LINKFLAGS) &|' \
CompileScript: <<
  cd make/linux && make -w prefix=%p sharedlib

InstallScript: <<
  cd make/linux && make -w prefix=%i install_headers install_sharedlib

DocFiles: ChangeLog LICENSE.LGPL

DescDetail: <<
libmatroska is a C++ libary to parse Matroska files (.mkv and
.mka). It is available in LGPL license as a source code that should
compile on many platforms including Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and
BeOS. It depends on libebml to work.
SplitOff: <<
Package: %N-shlibs
Description: C++ (shared) libary to parse Matroska files
Files: lib/libmatroska.*.dylib
Shlibs: <<
        %p/lib/libmatroska.5.dylib 6.0.0 %n (>= 1.3.0-1)
DocFiles: ChangeLog LICENSE.LGPL

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