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--- NEW FILE: term-ui-pm.info ---
Package: term-ui-pm
Version: 0.26
Revision: 1
Source: mirror:cpan:authors/id/B/BI/BINGOS/Term-UI-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 3617e50e56cd7f856af66dbf32ae7e7b
Type: perl
Depends: <<
UpdatePOD: true
Description: Easy interface for Term::ReadLine
License: Artistic/GPL
Maintainer: Daniel Macks <dma...@netspace.org>
Homepage: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Term-UI/

--- NEW FILE: term-cap-pm.info ---
Package: term-cap-pm
Version: 1.12
Revision: 1
License: Artistic/GPL
Description: Perl termcap interface
Maintainer: Daniel Johnson <dan...@daniel-johnson.org>
Homepage: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Term-Cap/

Source: mirror:cpan:authors/id/J/JS/JSTOWE/Term-Cap-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 52b862f28128c67414be1b9f16c27f03

Type: perl
UpdatePOD: true

DocFiles: Changes README

--- NEW FILE: term-readpassword-pm.info ---
Package: term-readpassword-pm
Version: 0.11
Revision: 1
Source: mirror:cpan:authors/id/P/PH/PHOENIX/Term-ReadPassword-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: e4e611f2a1efcf99c2b0c0488dd615e6
Type: perl
UpdatePOD: true
NoPerlTests: true
DocFiles: Changes README
Description: Terminal password prompt without echo
DescDetail: <<
This module lets you ask the user for a password in the traditional
way, from the keyboard, without echoing.

This is not intended for use over the web; user authentication over the
web is another matter entirely. Also, this module should generally be
used in conjunction with Perl's crypt() function, sold separately.
DescPort: <<
Disable test because they involve user interaction (duh, that's what
the module is for).

Uses Term::ReadLine; a (minimal) version of that is a perl core module.
License: Artistic
Maintainer: Daniel Macks <dma...@netspace.org>
Homepage: http://search.cpan.org/dist/Term-ReadPassword/

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