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sync. w/ 10.!4/stable, validated on powerpc-darwin8
needed a little patching to get X-keyboard constants

--- NEW FILE: dmenu.info ---
Package: dmenu
Version: 4.3.1
Revision: 1
Source: http://dl.suckless.org/tools/%n-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 6b619f6901bf4765442b4e410b1e5410
Maintainer: Jeroen Schot <sc...@a-eskwadraat.nl>
BuildDepends: x11-dev
Depends: x11
PatchScript: <<
  #!/bin/sh -ev
  sed -i.orig -e '/#include.*Xutil/a\
#define XK_LATIN1\
#include <X11/keysymdef.h>\
' dmenu.c
CompileScript: make
InstallScript: make install PREFIX=%i
Description: Dynamic menu for X
DescDetail: <<
dmenu is a simple X11 menu application. It reads a newline separated list from
standard input and shows them as a menu. The list can be filtered by typing
text. Upon pressing Enter the selected item (or typed text) is printed to
standard out.
License: BSD
HomePage: http://tools.suckless.org/dmenu

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