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sync. w/ 10.!4/stable, validated on powerpc-darwin8

--- NEW FILE: musca.info ---
Package: musca
Version: 0.9.24
Revision: 2
Depends: dmenu
Source: http://aerosuidae.net/%n-%v.tgz
Source-MD5: e067a8e39b1a97d62fc8e43800edee70
CompileScript: make
InstallScript: mkdir -p %i/bin %i/share/man/man1 && cp -p musca %i/bin/ && cp 
musca.1 %i/share/man/man1/
DocFiles: gpl.txt:COPYING
Homepage: http://aerosuidae.net/musca
Maintainer: Jack Fink <jackf...@users.sourceforge.net>
Description: Minimalistic window manager
DescDetail: Copies a few ideas from ratpoison and dwm.
License: GPL

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