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--- NEW FILE: python-tlslite-py.info ---
Info2: <<
Package: python-tlslite-py%type_pkg[python]
Version: 0.3.8
Revision: 1
Distribution: (%type_pkg[python] = 24) 10.5
Type: python (2.4 2.5 2.6 2.7)
Depends: python%type_pkg[python]
Source: http://trevp.net/tlslite/tlslite-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: 5e1c19500e30fc7580939c18b435f937
CompileScript: %p/bin/python%type_raw[python] setup.py build   
InstallScript: << 
%p/bin/python%type_raw[python] setup.py install --prefix=%p --root=%d
# doc
/bin/mkdir -m 755 -p %i/share/doc/%n
/bin/cp -R docs/* %i/share/doc/%n
# no invariant components for a language-versioned package
/bin/rm -f %i/bin/*
License: Public Domain
DocFiles: readme.txt
Description: TLS/SSL library for Python
DescDetail: <<
TLS Lite is a free python library that implements SSL v3, TLS v1, and
TLS v1.1. TLS Lite supports non-traditional authentication methods
such as SRP, shared keys, and cryptoIDs, in addition to X.509
certificates.  TLS Lite is pure python, however it can access OpenSSL,
cryptlib, pycrypto, and GMPY for faster crypto operations.  TLS Lite
integrates with httplib, xmlrpclib, poplib, imaplib, smtplib,
SocketServer, asyncore, and Twisted.
DescPackaging: Formerly maintained by Jason R. Mastaler
Maintainer: None <fink-de...@lists.sourceforge.net>
Homepage: http://trevp.net/tlslite/

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