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--- NEW FILE: perl5100.info ---
Package: perl5100
Version: 5.10.0
Revision: 6
Distribution: 10.4, 10.5
Depends: %n-core (>= %v-%r)
Conflicts: perl560, perl561, perl580, perl581, perl584, perl586, perl588
Replaces: cgi-pm (<= 3.00-1), file-temp-pm560 (<= 0.12-2), filter-simple-pm (<= 
0.77-1), getopt-long-pm581-man, libnet-pm560 (<= 1.17-10), libnet-pm581 (<= 
1.17-10), memoize-pm581 (<= 1.01-10), test-simple-pm581 (<= 0.47-10), 
text-tabs-wrap-pm (<= 2001.0929-1), perl560, perl561, perl580, perl581, 
perl584, perl586, perl588, attribute-handlers-pm, cgi-pm, digest-md5-pm560, 
file-spec-pm, file-temp-pm, filter-util-pm560, getopt-long-pm-man, 
i18n-langtags-pm, libnet-pm, locale-maketext-pm, memoize-pm, mime-base64-pm560, 
mime-base64-pm581, mime-base64-pm581-man, podparser-pm, 
scalar-list-utils-pm560, scalar-list-utils-pm581, test-harness-pm, 
test-simple-pm, time-hires-pm560, time-hires-pm581, test-simple-pm581, 
archive-tar-pm581-bin, archive-tar-pm584-bin, archive-tar-pm586-bin, 
archive-tar-pm588-bin, archive-tar-pm5100-bin, cpanplus-pm586-bin, 
module-build-pm581-bin, module-build-pm584-bin, module-build-pm586-bin, 
module-build-pm588-bin, module-build-pm5100-bin, module-corelist-pm581-bin, 
module-corelist-pm584-bin, module-corelist-pm586-bin, 
module-corelist-pm588-bin, module-corelist-pm5100-bin
Provides: podparser-pm
License: Artistic
Description: The Perl programming language, v. 5.10.0
DescDetail: <<
Perl is a high-level programming language with roots in C, sed, awk
and shell scripting.  Perl is good at handling processes and files,
and is especially good at handling text.  Perl's hallmarks are
practicality and efficiency.  While it is used to do a lot of
different things, Perl's most common applications are system
administration utilities and web programming.  A large proportion of
the CGI scripts on the web are written in Perl.

Fink's perl packages retain the perl version subdirectories in the
lib tree.  Without these, upgrading or downgrading Perl breaks all of
the binary modules.
DescPort: <<

This package does not alter /usr/bin/perl.  If you wish to use this
version of perl in scripts, the script should begin with #!/sw/bin/perl5.10.0
instead of #!/usr/bin/perl .

Disabled 'make test', since one test fails.

Because the perl build system is designed to download source files for
"extra" perlmodules directly from CPAN, we do not include those "extra" 
perlmodules in this package.  For that reason, the following packages
which are Provided by Apple's build of perl5.10.0 on 10.6 are not provided
  apache-pm5100, convert-tnef-pm5100, html-parser-pm5100, 
  perl-objcbridge-pm5100, scalar-list-utils-pm5100, uri-pm5100, 
  algorithm-diff-pm5100, class-autouse-pm5100, corefoundation-pm5100, 
  data-hierarcy-pm5100, date-parse-pm5100, freezethaw-pm5100, io-pager-pm5100, 
  ipc-run3-pm5100, locale-maketext-lexicon-pm5100, perlio-eol-pm5100, 
  svn-pm5100, svk-pm5100, timedate-pm5100, vcp-pm5100, yaml-pm5100
DescUsage: <<
Most perl scripts start with #!/usr/bin/perl which will invoke Apple's
/usr/bin/perl.  If you wish to use this
version of perl in scripts, the script should begin with #!/sw/bin/perl5.10.0
instead of #!/usr/bin/perl .
Source: mirror:cpan:src/5.0/perl-%v.tar.gz
Source-MD5: d2c39b002ebfd2c3c5dba589365c5a71
CompileScript: <<
#! /bin/sh -ev
 sh Configure -des -Dcc="gcc" -Dcpp="gcc -E" -Dprefix=%p -Dccflags=-I%p/include 
-Dldflags=-L%p/lib -Dperladmin=none -Uinstallusrbinperl 
-Dman3dir="%p/lib/perl5-core/5.10.0/man/man3" -Dman3ext=3pm -Duseithreads 
-Dinc_version_list=none -Adefine:startperl="#!%p/bin/perl5.10.0" 
DocFiles: README Copying

InstallScript: <<
 make install DESTDIR=%d

 mkdir -p %i/etc/profile.d
 echo "append_path MANPATH %p/lib/perl5-core/5.10.0/man" >> 
 echo "append_path MANPATH %p/lib/perl5/5.10.0/man" >> 
 echo "append_path MANPATH %p/lib/perl5-core/5.10.0/man" >> 
 echo "append_path MANPATH %p/lib/perl5/5.10.0/man" >> 
 echo "export MANPATH" >> %i/etc/profile.d/%N-core.sh
 chmod 755 %i/etc/profile.d/%N-core.*

SplitOff: <<
 Package: %N-core
 Conflicts: compress-zlib-pm (<= 1.19-2), crypt-ssleay-pm (<= 0.45-2), 
dbd-mysql-pm (<= 2.1026-1), dbd-pg-pm (<= 1.21-4), dbd-pg-pm-ssl (<= 1.21-4), 
dbi-pm (<= 1:1.35-1), digest-md5-pm (<= 2.24-1), digest-sha1-pm (<= 2.02-1), 
egd (<= 0.8-3), eperl-pm (<= 2.2.14-2), filter-util-pm (<= 1.26-1), fribidi-pm 
(<= 0.05-2), ftlib-pm (<= 1.2-1), gd-pm (<= 2.06-5), gimp-perl (<= 1.211-4), 
gtk-perl-pm (<= 0.7008-7), html-parser-pm (<= 3.27-1), http-ghttp-pm (<= 
1.07-1), irssi-ssl (<= 0.8.6-3), irssi (<= 0.8.6-2), jcode-pm (<= 0.82-1), 
libapreq-pm (<= 1.0-1), mac-carbon-pm (<= 0.05-1), macosx-file-pm (<= 0.64-1), 
mime-base64-pm (<= 2.18-1), net-ssleay-pm (<= 1.22-2), nkf (<= 1.92-1), 
params-validate-pm (<= 0.57-1), pdl (<= 2.3.2-1), perlmagick-pm (<= 5.5.4-1), 
pgplot-perl (<= 2.18-4), postgresql-perl (<= 7.3.2-7), postgresql-ssl-perl (<= 
7.3.2-7), rrdtool-perl (<= 1.0.41-1), scalar-list-utils-pm (<= 1.11-1), sha-pm 
(<= 1.2-2), shout-pm (<= 1.0-1), storable-pm (<= 1.0.14-1), string-approx-pm 
(<= 3.19-1), template-notex-pm (<= 2.08-13), template-pm (<= 2.08-13), 
term-readkey-pm (<= 2.21-1), term-readline-gnu-pm (<= 1.13-1), text-iconv-pm 
(<= 1.2-1), time-hires-pm (<= 1.46-1), time-piece-pm (<= 1.08-1), tk-pm (<= 
800.024-2), tk-tablematrix-pm (<= 1.01-1), unicode-string-pm (<= 2.07-1), 
xml-parser-pm (<= 2.31-4), xmms-pm (<= 0.12-2)
 Provides: attribute-handlers-pm5100, cgi-pm5100, data-dumper-pm5100, 
db-pm5100, devel-dprof-pm5100, devel-peek-pm5100, digest-pm5100, 
digest-md5-pm5100, extutils-makemaker-pm5100, file-find-pm5100, 
file-path-pm5100, file-spec-pm5100, file-temp-pm5100, filter-simple-pm5100, 
getopt-long-pm5100, i18n-langtags-pm5100, libnet-pm5100, list-util-pm5100, 
locale-maketext-pm5100, math-bigint-pm5100, memoize-pm5100, mime-base64-pm5100, 
pod-parser-pm5100, switch-pm5100, sys-syslog-pm5100, term-readline-pm5100, 
test-harness-pm5100, test-simple-pm5100, text-tabs-pm5100, text-wrap-pm5100, 
time-hires-pm5100, unicode-normalize-pm5100, compress-zlib-pm5100, carp-pm5100, 
class-isa-pm5100, pod-simple-pm5100, archive-tar-pm5100, cpanplus-pm5100, 
cpanplus-dist-build-pm5100, compress-raw-zlib-pm5100, digest-sha-pm5100, 
extutils-cbuilder-pm5100, extutils-parsexs-pm5100, io-zlib-pm5100, 
locale-maketext-simple-pm5100, module-build-pm5100, module-corelist-pm5100, 
module-load-pm5100, module-load-conditional-pm5100, module-pluggable-pm5100, 
package-constants-pm5100, params-check-pm5100, pod-escapes-pm5100
 Files: bin/perl5.10.0 etc lib/perl5 lib/perl5-core
 Description: Core files for perl, v. 5.10.0
 DocFiles: README Copying
DescPackaging: <<
 We split the perl5.10.0 binary and the files in lib/perl5* off as a separate
 "core" package which does not conflict with other versions of perl.
 /sw/bin/perl and other binaries remain in the perl5100 package, and
 different versions of perl can be selected by installing a different
 package instead.

 We now use lib/perl5-core as the main installation directory to avoid
 conflicts with fink-installed perl modules.

 We do not supply perl5100 on 10.6, since that's the one supplied by Apple.
Homepage: http://www.cpan.org/
Maintainer: Fink Core Group <fink-c...@lists.sourceforge.net>

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