On 5/8/13 4:51 AM, Peter Wang wrote:
> Hi There:
> It is very hard for me to find out how to uninstall fink and get it over
> again.
> When I type: "fink selfupdate", I got a message: "ERROR: y is not an
> absolute directory path."
> What was wrong with my fink?
> I need your help URGENTLY.
> Should I uninstall fink at all?
> I cannot find a way to uninstall FINK from your website.
> Many thanks,
> -Peter Wang

You just need to run "fink configure".

On one of the options which asks for a path, you entered a 'y' by 
mistake.  As you go through the "fink configure" options one of them 
will show [y] after the text.  For that one, DO NOT pick the default 
value, but instead hit the space bar and then return.  This will clear 
the bad entry.

Alexander Hansen, Ph.D.
Fink User Liaison
My package updates: http://finkakh.wordpress.com/

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