On Mon, 30 Dec 2013 07:48:28 -0800, Alexander Hansen 
<alexanderk.han...@gmail.com> wrote:
Those would be
> https://github.com/fink/fink/pull/104
> or
> https://github.com/fink/fink/pull/103
> but not both. 
> Unfortunately, the commit structures are messy if we auto-merge them. 
> And due to unforeseen circumstances I'm going to have very unreliable 
> internet access for the next couple of days. 

Can't say I give a damn about commit structures. If the plan is 
rollback (103), just do the rollback on the live tree. If the plan is 
to make a few changes beyond what is in master now (104), just do them 
on the live tree. Either way, the history says exactly what was done, 
and what was done is done cleanly. 

Daniel Macks

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