I don’t do much with the mirrors, but I do have a comment.  Hopefully other 
folks will comment as appropriate.

> On Jan 23, 2016, at 05:15, Carsten Otto <o...@informatik.rwth-aachen.de> 
> wrote:


> [pushes]
> If possible, we'd like to be notified about updates to your repository,
> instead of frequently checking via rsync. If sending SSH-triggers or
> directly uploading the data via rsync is a valid option for your
> project, please get into touch with us.

In principle we might be able to do an rsync push, though it would likely still 
be periodic from our end.   We periodically check for (asynchronous) updates in 
our SourceForge CVS repository and update our rsync repository accordingly, so 
a remote push operation as an addition seems like it would fit.


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