On 2/5/19 10:56 AM, Alexander Hansen wrote:
Hi, folks.

If for some reason we have any downtime in getting our existing website 
infrastructure deployed, I’d like to propose using the website functionality on 
GitHub to set up a reduced interim version.

Honestly, if we didn’t need the PDB, I’d rather use that as our main website 
because it’s way more user-friendly.  With our current setup you can only 
preview any changes you make as an editor if you have a PHP stack set up on 
your machine.  That’s a big ask for a lot of workplaces, especially when folks 
are on Windows or are restricted in what they can install.  I’d much rather 
work with a browser-based editor that works anywhere and where I can preview my 
changes immediately.

That makes sense.
* Front page
* downloading
* Mailing lists

Is it possible to make a flat file of the larger docs so that it's not an index page with each main section is not a different document?


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