>Thanks!  Just trying to absorb all of this!  It looks like a very elegant
>I have a few questions.
>First, are you making the built-in /usr/bin/emacs part of this system?
>Will add-ons automatically get byte-compiled for it?
>Second, do you anticipate that all of fink's emacs packages will be
>part of this system in the near future?  Right now it is tricky, with
>the emacs packages in stable NOT being part of this system.

The goal of course should be to get the current emacs into stable as 
soon as possible :)

I am using emacs-nox from unstable all the time, and it runs very 
stable and reliably for me (although I am must confess, I am not 
doing excessive testing, nothing much besides editing text)

>   It would
>be great if xemacs could be made part of the same system.

Indeed, but are the two even compatible enough to make this reasonable?

>   Also, I'm
>not sure what the role of emacs-alpha is.


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