At 1:06 Uhr +0900 25.01.2002, Peter O'Gorman wrote:
>I am currently spending some time in gdb with gnucash-1.6.5...
>Anyway, is it okay to symlink %p/share/gnucash/doc tp 
>%p/share/doc/gnucash to provide the required docs? (I am asking 
>because gnucash doesn't seem to be that broken, so I'd hate to "fix" 
>Also, this takes a long time to build (2 hrs on my 500Mhz TiBk) I'd 
>be willing to install a clean fink in /sw and build a deb for it and 
>its dependencies. Is there any chance of maintainer submitted debs 
>making it into any kind of bindist for unstable packages?

Well, to put it like that: there is currently no unstable bindist. 
There is no infrastructure for one, either. So your chance is 0% to 
get into an "official" unstable bindist, obviously.
You can of course make your .deb available from some FTP/http site of 
your choice.

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