Personally I think this looks great. Thanks a lot. Also, if you uploaded
this to the CVS, it would be really easily to get the newest version since
the dev tools have built in CVS tools.

> Although it appears from the discussion that this is unlikely to go
> anywhere in the near future, I wanted to take one more shot at putting
> out something that might actually work on a system other than my iBook
> and my kids' G3.  If any of you still have the patience to try it after
> yesterday's bomb, FinkCommander v. 0.1.1, again in the form of a Project
> Builder file, is now available for download at:
> The changes I made are described in the README file in the Resources
> directory.  One of the changes I made was to abandon, at least for the
> moment, my ill-conceived effort to avoid hardcoding "/sw" into the
> software.  It's hard to tell, but I think this may have been the source
> of one of the major bugs reported.  The README describes the very minor
> tweaks you will need to make if you have Fink somewhere other than /sw.
> Again, any comments, especially success stories, would be welcome.
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