At 13:58 Uhr -0800 12.03.2002, Randal L. Schwartz wrote:
>  >>>>> "Justin" == Justin Hallett <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>Justin> found it, turns out it was you :P, it's shlibs not shlib
>Justin> fink install audiofile-shlibs, the pkg name is too long and 
>gets cut off.
>Then we need a way to show that in "fink list".  How do we get
>to the "too wide" names?

The current CVS has some changes from Peter which will make "fink 
list" use the full widht of the terminal. There is also a new 
--width=FOO option with which you can force a certain width of the 
output. Also some other nifty things were added, like "fink list 
--help" and "fink list --tab" (useful for GUI authors who need to 
parse the output of fink list) etc.

Peter, the code should be changed to *not* read in the package DB 
when "fink list --help" is issued =) Or we need that caching code, 
it's no fun to wait 10-20 secs :(

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