I installed the mail reader Mutt from cvs - I'm using it to send this
message. My previous experience with Mutt was with Redhat RPMs. There
are some helper programs normally available, that are used with Mutt -
they are actually called by some of the options preinstalled in the
Mutt configuration files.

I tried to compile urlview. It is a tiny program that simply extracts
URLs from an email message into a list, so that the list can be viewed
separately and you can select any of the URLs you might want to look

When I went to compile it, I get the message I needed either lib rx or
regcomp. Somehow I think I have to already have these libraries
someplace. They provide handling of regular expressions. I think that
Mutt itself would've required them or installed them. 

How do I find out if I have a library installed from a prevous
program? What would it be called? Where is it? How do I need to modify
configure or make files so they can use libraries that were installed
by Mutt even if I'm compliing a program myself, though not making a
package? Am I better off trying to make it a package?

Josh Kuperman

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