Re:  interactive packages such as Qt:

free/netbsd ports/pkgsrc have a mechanism for handling this.  
`interactive' patches have variable `IS_INTERACTIVE' set true; build mode
can be unset in which case everything is built, `BATCH' in which case
interactive packages are skipped, or `INTERACTIVE' in which case only
interactive packages are built.

a useful feature fink could swipe.

Re:  alternate dependencies:

would it be easy to use all combinations of dependencies if desired?

combinatorially, I mean, via graph traversal.  you would get more thorough
testing that way...

A depends on B or B';
B depends on C or C';
B' depends on D;

build C-B-A;
start over, build C'-B-A;
start over, build D-B'-A.

On Mon, 25 Mar 2002, Max Horn wrote:
> Of course some stuff can't be tested easily with this. For example 
> anything requiring user interaction, however, that is a bad thing for 
> Fink packages normally. QT requires it (to confirm the license; is 
> this really necessary?). And Atlas requires it too (makes sense in 
> this case, though).
> Finally, I am not sure yet how to handle alternate dependencies, e.g. 
> (emacs|xemacs) - maybe I'll just use the first, or whatever.

Merry Christmas -- K

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