At 0:10 Uhr +0200 05.04.2002, Martin Costabel wrote:
>Martin Costabel wrote:
>>  Max Horn wrote:
>>  >
>>  > This was already fixed in CVS shortly after I commited the patch. I
>>  > can up the revision in additon, too, though. It was an accidental
>>  > left over from debugging.
>>  Sorry, I don't quite understand where this was fixed. Before
>>  complaining, I did a cvs update, fink rebuild and reinstall. Do I have
>>  to re-download the tarball?
>OK, after a new rebuild, it doesn't print "This is Mac OS X 10.1.3" any
>more. It still prints "Reading version" and writes it 160 times at the
>beginning of the Packages.gz file.

Indeed! Sorry, a new will be in CVS shortly.

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