Kyle Moffett wrote:
> I found something interesting here, and I wonder what it means:
> /Developer/Makefiles/CoreOS/dpkg/control:
> Package: coreosmakefiles
> Maintainer: Darwin Developers <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> Description: Core OS Makefiles
> Build-Depends: cctools, libsystem, files, zsh, gnumake, file-cmds,
> shell-cmds, text-cmds
> I wonder if Apple is using/planning to use dpkg?

They have been using dpkg to install Darwin (as in standalone Darwin,
without OSX) all the time. If you have the Darwin CD or downloaded
Darwin-1.4.1 (very outdated now, but still the latest available), you
have most of the system in the form of *.debs, like

or even

I count 276 such powerpc-apple-darwin.debs in my Darwin tree.

Darwin has also the full set of dpkg binaries:

% ls /Volumes/Software/Darwin/usr/bin/dpkg*


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