On Monday, May 6, 2002, at 09:48 PM, Benjamin Reed wrote:

> Just a note, I've just committed a new version of the QT info file that 
> updates it to 3.0.4, and also fixes some bugs.  The most important one 
> it fixes is the compatibility_version, which was being set to 0.0.0, 
> even though the filenames were named correctly.
> Unfortunately, anything built against the versions before 3.0.4 will be 
> broken (or at least the few things I had that were built against 3.0.3 
> were...)

Never mind... drm made the good point that this is the whole point for 
shlibs and that we should just update the package to be "qt3".  I've 
reverted and justin and I are working on updating CVS right now.

Carry on!


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