> I can see two possible ways to fix this (and am open to suggestions
> for better schemes):
> 1) Add a user-controlled site-lisp directory to each of the emacs 
> directories. So the tree would now look like:
>    /sw/etc/emacs/site-start.d/
>                  /site-lisp
>    /sw/etc/emacs21/site-start.d/
>                    /site-lisp
> 2) Make /sw/etc/emacsen-common the startup-script directory, leaving
> /sw/etc/emacs for user-added files.
> Problems with #1: having a directory with two similarly named
> subdirectories, one of which shouldn't be touched unless the user
> really knows what she is doing is kind of confusing.
> Problems with #2: it's probably not an obvious place for people to
> look when they're trying to customize their startups. Plus the
> hierarchies get pretty long (e.g.,
> /sw/etc/emacsen-common/emacs/site- start.d/00fink-vars.el)...
> I think my vote is with #1. But if there's a #3 that solves this in
> a semi-magical fashion I'd love to hear it...

I'm not sure if I understood well. My philosophy would be to
distinguish clearly between system installed files and user istalled
files. So, my #3:

3) For emacsen-common-compliant packages:


   For the general user (in analogy to the current /usr/local/share/emacs):


   Then, a user could link /usr/share/emacs (or /usr/local/share/emacs) 
   to /sw/etc/emacs/share (at her own risk).

-- e.

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