Ben Hines [[EMAIL PROTECTED]] wrote:
> At 3:18 AM +0200 6/9/02, Max Horn wrote:
> >Replaces works just fine, you just misunderstood what it does. If 
> >Pkg A "Replace: B", that s does *not* mean that the pkg A is a 
> >successor of pkg B. it merely means that A and B have some files in 
> >common. Normally you would get problems when switching between 
> >packages that share such files, but the replaces fields eases this 
> >transition.
> >
> >So, Fink and dpkg are behaving correctly.
> >
> >For further information, consult the dpkg docs.
> Ookay.. so, it is intended that the upgrade is impossible without 
> force-removing system-libgl?

No, it is not.  I was under the impression a Conflicts:/Replaces: should
automatically force removal of the old package...  Max, how do we make it
get replaced properly, then?  Are we going to have to end up with a
Provides: system-libgl to make it replace nicely?

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