I wonder if Apple will make it impossible for Fink to continue to develop
as it has by the introduction of developer tool changes. The reason I ask
this is that the EULA forbids the "patching" of add-ons to the "embedded"
Mac apps for OS X. Apple is, in other words, giving independent developers
a hard time. They support OpenDarwin, but they do not even mention Fink as
an alternative. It seems to me that there is little, if any, cooperation
of Apple to the Fink Project. The recent "upgrade" that put the Fink
project on hold for months eloquently demonstrates that.., as does the
recent choice of an inferior browser as "default".
So I would like to know what is the reality of the Fink situation in
relation to Apple......, and should I begin thinking of a complete Debian
PPC Woody "take-over" install on my hard drive?

Chaos is freedom!

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