Andrew n marshall wrote:
What is the recommended way to start apache2 in Tiger?
Well, here's what I did, after reading a tip on Wincent Colaiuta's site:

Lines with a - at the begining are my notes, watch out for word wrap on long 

- create a startupitem by copying the 1.3 version and modifying
sudo cp -R /System/Library/StartupItems/Apache /Library/StartupItems/Apache2
sudo mv /Library/StartupItems/Apache2/Apache 

sudo nano /Library/StartupItems/Apache2/Apache2

- modify the content to match this:


# Apache2 HTTP Server

. /etc/rc.common

StartService ()
    if [ "${WEBSERVER2:=-NO-}" = "-YES-" ]; then
        echo "Starting Apache2 web server"
        /sw/sbin/apachectl start

StopService ()
     echo "Stopping Apache2 web server"
        /sw/sbin/apachectl stop

RestartService ()
    if [ "${WEBSERVER2:=-NO-}" = "-YES-" ]; then
        echo "Restarting Apache2 web server"
        /sw/sbin/apachectl restart

RunService "$1"

- modify hostconfig:
sudo nano /etc/hostconfig
- add a line:

sudo nano /Library/StartupItems/Apache2/StartupParameters.plist
- content should be:
  Description     = "Apache2 web server";
  Provides        = ("Apache2 Server");
  Uses            = ("Disks", "NFS");

- should now work on restart

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