Setting mu_p_1, mu_n_1, Dp_1, and Dn_1 to zero at the faces of the insulating 
cells should prevent any flux of charge into those cells. Those coefficients 
should be set as FaceVariables and assigned to coeff= in the Terms, rather than 
multiplying outside the Term.

> On Mar 30, 2020, at 3:20 PM, Justin Pothoof <> wrote:
> I'm working on drift-diffusion simulation and am having difficulties setting 
> up boundary conditions to describe my system. I have the bare bones of the 
> system attached in a .txt file.
> I have the potential on the left constrained to 9 and on the right to 0 to 
> reflect applying a 9V bias to the system. Now, what I want to include is 
> essentially an insulating layer to the left and right side.. let's say 10 
> mesh cells on both sides. So, I don't want any positive or negative charges 
> to start in those cells, or be able to flow into those cells. Is that 
> possible? I've tried extracting the mesh face values and constraining Pion 
> and Nion to be zero in those cells, but that didn't seem to run properly. Any 
> advice?
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