I would like to confirm that I understand this simplified code properly:

If record is fragmented then always have 48 bit transaction id.

If not fragmented and transaction ID is less then 4G than record can be 
padded by zeroes and this zeros will come to compressor as regular part 
of compressed record.

Am I right?


void DPM_store( thread_db* tdbb, record_param* rpb, PageStack& stack, 
const Jrd::RecordStorageType type)
  *    D P M _ s t o r e
  * Functional description
  *    Store a new record in a relation.  If we can put it on a
  *    specific page, so much the better.
     Database* dbb = tdbb->getDatabase();

     const Compressor dcc(*tdbb->getDefaultPool(), rpb->rpb_length, 
     const ULONG size = (ULONG) dcc.getPackedLength();

     const FB_SIZE_T header_size = (rpb->rpb_transaction_nr > MAX_ULONG) 

     SLONG fill = (RHDF_SIZE - header_size) - size;
     if (fill < 0)
         fill = 0;

     // Accomodate max record size i.e. 64K
     const SLONG length = header_size + size + fill;
     rhd* header = locate_space(tdbb, rpb, (SSHORT) length, stack, NULL, 

     header->rhd_flags = rpb->rpb_flags;
     Ods::writeTraNum(header, rpb->rpb_transaction_nr, header_size);
     header->rhd_format = rpb->rpb_format_number;
     header->rhd_b_page = rpb->rpb_b_page;
     header->rhd_b_line = rpb->rpb_b_line;

     UCHAR* const data = (UCHAR*) header + header_size;

     dcc.pack(rpb->rpb_address, data);

     if (fill)
          memset(data + size, 0, fill);

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