Ok, so we do not follow the standard in our currently implementation,
but we follow the standard in the DDL checking... this is a bit messy <g>

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DY> 10.08.2017 21:57, Carlos H. Cantu wrote:

>> DY> e.g. 1234567890.1234 is a valid (15, 4) but cannot be converted to (15, 
>> 6).
>> Are you sure? I can store such value both in (15, 4) as well in (15, 6).

DY> Formally, it cannot be stored inside (15, 6). But historically, FB 
DY> ignores the declared precision and always uses the maximum for the 
DY> underlying storage. This is buggy (from the SQL spec POV) and I expect
DY> to have it fixed/improved one day.

DY> Dmitry

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