On 11-3-2018 16:42, Alex Peshkoff via Firebird-devel wrote:
On 03/11/18 18:12, Mark Rotteveel wrote:
I some changes were made in https://github.com/FirebirdSQL/firebird/commit/1636227d401f3c7e9678dc8cd317af5fae9a56bc

I'm observing something odd. It is my understanding it would be possible to drop use of blr_dec_fixed, and use blr_dec128 instead.

If I define the BLR message descriptor using:


It works as expected, but when I change it to


We were always talking about format of the number (making it possible to use same code for DecFloat(34) and high precision numerics), not about changing BLR codes.

Ah, my mistake then; I thought I had seen something about switching to blr_dec128, when I looked at the commit earlier this week, but I must have looked cross-eyed.

However, it does make me wonder about the incongruity between sending and receiving values with blr_dec128. In any case, that isn't important if it should be blr_dec_fixed anyway.


Also, it would be helpful if CORE-5728 (Field subtype of DEC_FIXED columns not returned by isc_info_sql_sub_type) gets done soon.

To be fixed soon.
I've started from the most serious changes (may be except fixing literals behavior - even not clear what to do with literal node here).


Mark Rotteveel

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