I'm looking for a way to update ICU in Windows.

We used to customize ICU via this page
(http://apps.icu-project.org/datacustom/ICUData52.html). There we see
now only up to version 57, and latest ICU version is 61.

Another problem is I don't even known the Visual Studio version that
will be used to build FB 4.

ICU comes only with VS 2017 solutions.

I also think we should just stop to save few megabytes customizing ICU.

The needed DLL files for 64 bits library is ~7.5 MB with ultra-7z
compression. It's nothing for today's non-web application.

If FB 4 would use VS 2017, it's probably possible to use their pre-built
binary, but there is no 32 bits pre-built files for download in their page.


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