On 10.08.2018 10:26, liviuslivius wrote:

i have tested this more detailed.
I have created TCP socket on computer and TCP client on Android side and 
communication was established.
But when i have tried by firedac(and client lib) it did not even tried.
Then i have changed in firebird.conf

         Providers = Engine12, Remote

then another success :)

Certainly - it's very hard to have remote connections w/o appropriate provider ;)

i have connected from Delphi Firedac on Android to remote firebird without any 
issues (numerics are ok).
Tested with newer Firebird WI-V3.0.4.32954 Firebird 3.0 and then with same 
version Firebird- to remove possibility that something was bad 
only with older version.

It looks like client library work ok
only Firebird server on Android have some bug releated to Numerics.

Yes - seems to be so.
Please add a ticket to the tracker - I will try to find time to reproduce and fix it.

PS. What does isql do with numerics when started on Android?

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