Hi Paul,

>> The value in the penultimate line looks dodgy to me. Should that comma be 
>> there?
> Yes, it's a delimiter. Everything in docbook/images/callouts *and* everything 
> in images must be copied.
Ok, thanks.

>> PS. Build monohtml takes 37 seconds with Sun Java compared to over 12 
>> minutes (to fail) with OpenJDK.
> For the entire set, 37 seconds is acceptable I guess. For a single document, 
> it's long (on a modern system).
I did another set of timings:

monohtml: 37 seconds
html: 35 seconds
pdf: 41 seconds
docs: 1:33.

The sum of the parts doesn't add up to the total for everything. I 
suspect lots of stuff whizzing into and out of memory - seeing as how 
ant is Java and xml etc.

Most likely delays are in writing the thousands or warnings to the 
console I expect! ;-)


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