Morning Paul,

>  Norman, I've also done this in one of your documents: fbdoc_vpn.xml, 
because I wanted fb-docwriters-info.xml and subdocuments to be 
consistent. Hope you don't mind. I left the rest of your stuff alone ;-)
Hmm. Surely the fbdoc_vpn.xml file is as equally obsolete as the 
firebirdintro.xml? The VPN method of accessing the server to upload 
documents is no longer in use what with the new CMS and the 
(blisteringly fast) new server? I was considering deleting that file.

I was actually working, yesterday, on my command line utility manuals to 
allow them to be "included" - so I've got a couple of changes in that 
department coming soon myself.

> Also, XMLMind complained that fbutil_gbak.xml was invalid: you should wrap 
> the<revhistory>  in a<para>  tot fix it. It doesn't matter for the build 
> though: the build system doesn't validate the sources against the DocBook DTD 
> - it just breaks if things get too weird, or if the XML is not well-formed.
Yes, I noticed that but only after I use "includes". Strange. The 
revision in question was copied and pasted in XXE. I'm looking into this 
at the moment. It's a tad strange!

> Anyway, for everybody who has a local copy of the manual tree, it's probably 
> a good idea to do a cvs update.
Consider it about to be done.


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