From September 2012, the XML Mind Editor that we know and love, the 
Personal Edition, is no more. I've just had news through about the 
latest upgrade which now only offers a Professional and an Evaluation 

I've downloaded and tried the evaluation version, and while it works 
fine as an editor, it doesn't convert documents to PDF, for example, 
correctly any more. I know this isn't a problem for us as we use an ANT 
script or two to do the actual builds, but, worse than this, the 
evaluation version expires after 30 days.

I have the Personal Edition version 5.0.0 which is fine for editing (and 
doesn't offer any conversion facilities at all) and will not expire.

I also have version 5.2.1 as well - From May 2012, which I've not yet 
upgraded to, but a quick test and a scan of the changes in that version 
don't appear to show anything we might not like - it doesn't add XML 
Mind banners or anything to the saved files.

We might need to determine the version we should (all) be using and then 
save a copy of the install kit in amongst the tools folder, just in case 
we get new Doc writers who cannot find or download the Editor.

Equally, the XSL-FO Conversion utility that I used to use to convert XML 
documents, also from XML Mind, has lost the Personal Edition too.


Norman Dunbar
Dunbar IT Consultants Ltd

Registered address:
Thorpe House
61 Richardshaw Lane
West Yorkshire
United Kingdom
LS28 7EL

Company Number: 05132767

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