On Mon, 15 Sep 2014 23:53:57 +0200, Paul Vinkenoog <p...@vinkenoog.nl>
> Hello Mark,
>>>> I will do some more testing, but is it ok if I replace the files on
>>>> firebirdsql.org (ALLJARS.ZIP and docbook-stylesheets.zip)?
>>> No, please don't. One of the reasons that some components are rather
>>> dated is that it took us quite some time to get everything working the
>>> way we wanted. New versions of the stylesheets, but especially new
>>> versions of Apache FOP, have often introduced incompatibilities.
>> Is there a list of known incompatibilities?
> Not that I know of. But we did run into trouble after upgrading the
> DocBook stylesheets and/or Apache FOP. That's why I'm hesitant to
> for the sake of it, unless of course the benefits are worth the extra
> it may cause us.
>>> What exactly are the rendering issues you encountered?
>> I had some issues with specifying the width of columns in a
>> segmentedlist as table.
> You mean, when tweaking XSLT templates or adding/adjusting xsl:params?
> Because segmentedlists don't support width attributes, AFAIK. At least
> in DcoBook 4.5.

I didn't delve to deeply, but the message I found mentioned a problem with
an option that was added as a default when transforming a segmentedlist as
a table. I mistakenly thought that would solve it; it didn't. It did
however remove a number of warnings when building the wireprotocol
documentation regarding that invalid option ;)
>> A message on the docbook-xsl mailinglist seemed
>> to suggest that was fixed in a newer version. Unfortunately that didn't
>> fix it, so now I have changed it to a normal table (although it looks
>> like the custom stylesheets apply some modifications for html tables
>> that it doesn't do for CALS tables).
> That's possible. The templates in the custom stylesheets were created on
> an as-needed basis. If it fixed the immediate problem, the solution
> generally wasn't extended to related elements.

Well, now I have to decide if I keep the CALS definition and update the
xsl, or change it to a html definition.

>> However if I look at all the changes between docbook-xsl 1.72 (the
>> version used by the project) and docbook-xsl 1.78.1 then I am wondering
>> if there isn't some other stuff we are missing.
> Maybe we do. I think the bottom line is: do we miss a great new feature
> a fix for an annoying bug if we don't upgrade? If the answer is yes, we
> should make an effort to upgrade. But this involves building all the
> manuals and visually inspecting them to see if any weird stuff happens.
> so, then we must adapt our custom stylesheets. If this turns out to be a
> lot of work, then we might be better off fixing that bug or adding that
> feature in our current custom set.

I saw a number of changes in docbook-xsl that might remove the need to
have some of the existing customizations (at least with regard to tables in

> Either way, I'm willing to do my share of the work, but again, please
> let's not do it just for the sake of upgrading.

For now I have changed back to the default jars and XSL. I understand that
this might be time better spent on other stuff. I might revisit this in the
future though.


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