I will migrate the CVS manual module to GitHub tomorrow, Sunday 12 November, starting at 11:00 CET (10:00 GMT).

After the migration has begun, commits to CVS for the manual module will be 'lost': they will still be in CVS, but they will not be part of the new repository on GitHub. If this happens, you will need to copy those changes over to the git repository and commit/push them manually.

This afternoon I'll be adding the GitHub accounts that I know of to a group. This group will be used for access to the firebird-documentation repository. You'll receive an invite for that.

I will send another mail when the migration has been done.

PS If you want your old commits to be associated with your GitHub account, then make sure to add your <sourceforgeusername>@users.sourceforge.net email address to your GitHub account. This is entirely optional, but it allows you to view some statistics and history in your profile.
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