Hello Mark,

>> Next thing, I have source files for the build of the CHM file, for use
>> with the M$ help compiler, all zipped up.  Where should I put them?
>> I'll write a little readme.

> What are these CHM files for? You could consider just adding them 
> (unzipped) in a specific subfolder of the repository, or create a 
> separate repository for this.

Ahm actually, I was asking PaulV that question...you may not be aware
that we don't do CHM, but the ODBC fans seem to like them.  Our
DocBook system doesn't produce it but it turned out to be relatively
simple to produce from the html that it does generate.  I could
probably produce VS help from them as well, some other time when I'm
in an experimental frame of mind.  Of course, both the CHM and VS help
compilers are proprietary Microsoft products, so some might say it
would be evil to encourage these people. ;-)

So I was really just sounding out Paul as to where he thought might be
a good place to put the source files for the CHM file - obviously (I
thought) *where?* relative to the parent docbook source from which
they evolved.  A different repository does not make any sense.
Tainted or not, it is still Firebird documentation.


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