As you may have noticed from the last two messages, I have enabled notifications about pushes/commits to the documentation repository.

These notifications will show which files have changed, but not the diff of the change itself. To get the diff, use the commit link, or - when the mail contains multiple commits - the full diff-link at the end of the message.

We hope this will help translators tracking what has changed. For now this should be considered an experiment. By all means, let us know if this isn't considered helpful (or too much noise), in that case we could consider posting to a separate list.

Right now, I have configured GitHub to use the git name + email address of the 'author' of the commit(s) as the 'from'-address. It is also possible to use a fixed value of "GitHub <>", both have there pros and cons. If you have a strong opinion about it, let us know as well ;)

Mark Rotteveel

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