Hi Carlos and *,

now we have bunch of *.reg files for importing stuff into registry
when installing DDEX provider. I've now finished testing VS 2008 &
DDEX and we will have another files.

So wanna to ask:
1. What about adding this files into some folders (i.e. VS2005, VS2008
+ xxbit systems). This will be more clear for people, isn't it?
2. Do we really care about files for VS with SDK? I think, wa can add
some template into some separate directory with some info. If
developer is so experienced that has VS SDK (and know what's it) he's
probably able to use DDEX and create appropriate decision what and how
to install.
2.1. BTW no matter wheter you have VS SDK you can use ...Less.reg, isn't it?

3. What about installation. Maybe should provide some no so common
path like %ProgramFiles%\FirebirdClient, 'cause there're *.txt files
with same name from FirebirdClient installation, so during install
some can be confused. I know, it's not a big deal, bug it's also small
3.1. Maybe we should review current install process of all components
(and maybe build). If community is interested, I can provide some
thoughts I've made (the build process we can discuss privately,
Carlos, to not spam list).


Jiri {x2} Cincura (Microsoft Student Partner)
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